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Starter Beef Pack


This beef starter package is full of Cammaert Farms Canadian-raised beef giving you a sample of several cuts.

Start with homemade meatloaf or tacos using ground beef, then move into our steaks with prime marbling, tenderness and flour comparable to any steakhouse. Beef lovers agree our beef steak cuts are the crown jewel of steak recipes.

Finish off this package by slowly roasting a juicy pot roast to perfection for Sunday dinner.




Sold out!


Starter Beef Package

Grass-Fed, Corn & Grain Finished Beef


  • (4) 1′ variety of steaks may include t-bone, sirloin, blade or sirloin tip
  • (2) ground beef regular 1lb
  • (1) roast 3-4 lbs

*Steak primal cuts can include prime rib, t-bone, sirloin, blade, or sirloin tip steak.  All steaks are cut 1-inch thick on-bone.

Roast primal cuts can include chuck, rump, eye of round, blade and sirloin tip averaging 3-4 pounds.

If you have a special request, leave us a note upon checkout, and we will do our best based on our current stock; substitutions for other products are not available.

All weights and sizes are approximate, size may vary, and cuts in the package are based on current stock.

Our beef is dry-aged, fast-frozen and packaged in butcher paper.

Our standard delivery day is once a month on Friday or Saturday (based around restocks) within our delivery zones & minimum order requirement. We work with you to arrange a convenient delivery or pickup time on our delivery day. Learn more on our FAQ page delivery terms. 


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