Eighth Beef Share


An eighth beef share provides at least 35-40 lbs of frozen beef from the whole animal with a mixture of steaks, roasts, and ground beef to completely fill a small freezer.


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Eighth Beef Share

Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef

An eighth beef share yields an approximate 1/8th of a beef which provides you with at least 35-40lbs of frozen beef from the whole animal.  An eighth beef share will take up approximately 3.5-4 cubic feet in a freezer.

  • (12) 1′ variety of steaks may include prime rib, t-bone sirloin, blade, and sirloin tip steaks 1 per pk
  • (10) ground beef regular 1lb
  • (2) stirfry beef strips 1lb
  • (2) Roasts 3-4 lb
  • (1) Beef Brisket (summer only)
  • Beef is dry-aged, fast-frozen, and packaged in butcher paper for optimal freshness.

For steak, options include prime rib, t-bone, sirloin, blade, or sirloin tip, all of which are cut to a thickness of 1 inch on the bone ranging 14oz-1pound depending on the cut.

Roast cuts include roast, chuck, rump, eye of round, blade, and sirloin tip are all great, with an average weight of 3-4 pounds.

Please note that substitutions for other products might not be available. Remember that weights and sizes are approximate and may vary, and the cuts in your package will be based on our current stock.

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