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Beef Quarter deposit


Reserve your beef quarter, buying directly from the farm has never been so easy. Read below for details and lead times.

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Beef Quarter Deposit

Grass-Fed, Grain Finished Beef


Our commitment to quality means we only select the finest animals from our herd each year for custom butchering. As a result, we are fully booked for custom-cut orders until 2024.  Contact us to be placed on the reservation list for 2024, or we would be happy to add you to our waiting list for any cancellations.

A quarter of an animal is $4.90 / lb dressed weight, including standard cutting, wrapping, and fast freezing—cost range from $750-2,000, all-inclusive.

  • We offer mixed front and back quarters; primal cuts match the other quarter on the side portion.
  • Regarding beef cuts, there are a variety of options to choose from. For steak cuts, popular choices include the Prime rib (also known as Rib Eye), T-bone, Sirloin, blade, and Sirloin tip. For roasts, options include chuck, rump, eye of round, blade, and sirloin tip. Additionally, there are options for ground beef, stew meat, and beef ribs. Customers can select individual cuts of steak, ground beef, or roasts, as well as pre-packaged stir fry options. Standard steak thickness is always 1-inch or more, while roasts typically range from 3-5 pounds or more.
  • There is no deviation with the sub-primal cut choices on Beef Quarters; this option is only available with a side or whole cow purchase.
  • If you’re interested in brisket, we can offer it if the other customer on the Quarter agrees to split it.
  • Visit our custom page for average pricing and detailed product descriptions.
  • If you need beef to tide you over until your quarter share is ready, we recommend you purchase one of our butcher boxes.

Next Steps

We require a deposit to reserve your beef share. You can choose between two options for ordering beef from us: delivery or pickup. If you live within our delivery zone, the price includes local delivery. If not, you can pick up your order at the farm or butcher.

Please note that we do not guarantee availability until a reservation is received. Deposits are non-refundable may be applied to other products.

When ordering bulk orders, please remember that the deposit you pay will be deducted from the final purchase price; all remaining payments are due before the beef is custom cut.

We need a cut sheet to be submitted two to three weeks before delivery and will arrange a call to guide you through the different primal cuts and ensure that the beef is cut exactly as you want.

For delivery, payment terms and other frequent questions and answers, please visit our FAQ page.


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