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Our Farm Story

Meet Dave and Angela Cammaert. 

Dave and Angela are the third generation of Cammaerts to live and work on a farm in West Elgin, the sixth generation to farm in Canada. Their home farm is conveniently located off the 401 corridor in Elgin County between Chatham and London, Ontario.

Dave Cammaert is a fifth-generation farmer from West Lorne who honed his farm management skills around vegetable production on his Grandpa’s farm. As an adult, Dave became a licensed Millwright, mastering agri-mechanics and project management, serving the Agriculture and Industrial industries.

Angela Cammaert is a sixth-generation farmer who grew up on a livestock, cash-crop farm in Lucan-Biddulph before heading into business management and returning to farming when marrying Dave.

Growing up, both had raised livestock, learning about food production and the hard work that comes with working in agriculture. Expanding into livestock production was a natural next step with our cash crop operation. Together, the Cammaerts continue to teach the next generation about farming practices and being stewards of the land as they operate the farm.


“Our operation today is similar to previous generations, except that we take advantage of modern technologies,” said Dave and Angela.

Dave and Ang scaled
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Our Guarantee

At Cammaert Farms, we strive to produce all-natural beef. As Ontario Beef Farmers, we are responsible for producing food for Ontarians using sustainable methods. Our crop production program grows top-quality forages for cattle while supporting the environment through cover crops.


Our cattle are raised the way nature intended; in a stress-free environment, grazing on grass mixtures and assorted grains. To achieve this, we adhere to the following principles:

Animal health and well-being are vital to livestock operation. Our herd is raised without using hormones or steroids. During processing, the utilization of the entire animal is paramount. Our focus is on sustainability, quality and accountability at Cammaert Farms.

Information about our beef

All our cattle are raised following natural health management protocols

Locally raised meat means the animal was born and raised locally, keeping your food dollars in our communities.

We utilize tracking and animal management systems that give us complete information on every animal from our farm to your fork.

With the watchful guidance of our veterinarians and nutritionists, we work daily to give our animals the best care possible.

Our beef is processed at a local, small family-owned, provincially-inspected abattoirs with over 50 years of expertise in custom butchering at Ralph Bos Meats Ltd. 


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