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For bulk orders of sides of beef your beef will be cut to your specifications according to the directions provided on the cut sheet. Our Quarters come with a standard cutting; there is no deviation with the sub-primal cut choices on quarter beef. Customers select  pounds of ground and the options to grind speciciifc primal choices.  Our standard steak thickness is always 1-inch, and roasts range from 3-4 pounds. If you’re interested in brisket, we can offer it if the other customer agrees to split it. Otherwise, the brisket goes used for stewing beef or ground beef. All meat is packaged as individual cuts, labelled, wrapped in butcher paper and fast-frozen keeping the meat fresh, colourful, and flavorful for up to 12-months in the freezer. Learn more about the different primal cuts on our beef cut description page.

Cammaert Farms offers Interac email money transfer,  cash on delivery and Visa and Mastercard for local orders only. Orders are not processed until payment is received. Final payment is due before the custom cutting on all bulk order via Interac email money transfer, cash or certified cheque. We do not accept credit card payments on orders over $200 without a  2.4% service fee.

We have a minume order requirement of $50.00 for orders. Delivery is available in Glencoe, Rodney, West Lorne, Dutton, Wallacetown at no charge on minimum orders of $100.00. Iona Station, Wardsville, Appin, Newbury, Duart, Highgate on a minimum of $150 orders.Southwest London and St. Thomas areas orders $250 plus the delivery fee. All other areas are farmgate pickup.Our standard local delivery days are Friday or Saturday around restocks once a month. Farmgate pickup is available  Wednesday-Friday. Same day pickup is not available. We work with you to arrange convenient delivery and pickup times.

Our cattle are fed free-choice grain and grass, giving the beef its sweetness and tenderness.

Delivery is available  around Southwest Middlesex, Rodney, West Lorne, Dutton, Duart, and Muirkirk. Southwest London and St.Thomas with minimum purchase.  Otherwise, we arrange a convenient location on our route or farmgate pickup.

Every beef dresses out a little; we do our best to provide averages to help with budgeting.

Leadtime’s vary depending on the number of finished cattle and butcher dates available. We only want to put the highest quality beef in your freezer. This means we only butcher animals show outward signs of being ready, meaning we have a limited number of quarters and sides available per year.

Our current lead times verify depending on the time of year, on average we range six+ months ahead. Book ahead to avoid disappointment, especially during the peak summer season that fills up first.

The total amount of beef you get will be called the cut weight when you order a half beef. On average, the total amount of cut beef is 50% Ground Beef and 50% will be Steaks and Roasts. This percentage of ground beef to steaks and roasts will vary based on your cutting instructions

Local delivery is included with bulk orders. For London, we deliver within the South/West area to your home or arrange to meet in a central location.  We delivery  to curbside only for this in high-rise units.  For St. Thomas and all other areas, please contact us before ordering if a delivery fee is applicable.The bulk order deposit will reserve your share cut to your specifications. The deposit will be applied to the final purchase price. Final payment is due before the custom cutting via Interac email money transfer, cash or certified cheque. Without the payment, the beef will be cut according to our standard cutting. At the time of order, you are given a delivery date range for your bulk order. If you are unavailable on this date, we encourage clients to make other arrangements to have someone else receive the order; we cannot change this date. A $0.10/pound per day fee will be applied on orders not picked up on the assigned date. This surcharge covers the increased handling of your product, equipment and utilities required to hold your order. * Service charges may not be applicable if agreed upon at the time of order.

Dry-aged beef is known to have richer flavours and a more tender texture. Your taste buds will thank you for choosing our dry-aged steaks and roasts

All our beef is flash frozen after cutting and wrapped in butcher paper. We do this to preserve your product giving it the ability to last up to one year in your freezer. We are not offering any fresh meat orders at this time.

Our beef is cut at a family run abattoir that has been in business for decades ~ Ralph Bos Meats Ltd ~ A family-owned and operated, provincially licensed meat plant.

Hanging weight is an industry-standard as we are not selling individual retail cuts that do not have to be weighed. This is reflected in the lower cost. Less handling means a lower price.

A quarter of beef will easily fit into a 5-7 cubic foot chest freezer; a half beef needs about 8-10 cubic feet. Buying in bulk gives you the convenience of having a great variety of meat on hand whenever you need it. For most families, a side of beef will last you around a year and will fill about half of the volume of an average chest freezer.


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