Serving West Lorne, Dutton Dunwich, Rodney. Southwest Middlesex, London, St. Thomas and surrounding areas.

Support Ontario Beef

Buying directly from the farmer means you know exactly where your food comes from. We are proud to be part of Elgin County Beef Farmers located in West Lorne. Our cattle are known for their well-marbled, high-quality flavours.

Dave and Angela Cammaert know quality beef is important to consumers. We embrace the farm-to-fork movement and enjoy getting to know our customer’s personal tastes. We pride ourselves on producing naturally raised quality beef. It’s our goal to keep the beef as close to organic as possible.

Grass-Fed and Grain Finished Beef

Our cattle are Angus crossbred cattle, we select from the best of our herd to butcher. We raise our cattle in a stress-free, environmentally friendly manner using free-choice feeding. Our cattle enjoy a diet of homegrown hay, free-choice grains, and minerals. We have an open-style barn, giving the cattle the ability to come and go. This means you get the best of our grass-fed and grain-finished beef.


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