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Cammaert Farms proudly provides quality beef in bulk orders and select butcher boxes. Our Angus-cross herd is known for producing high-quality, well-marbled steaks through a grass and grain-based diet! We are proud to be part of Elgin County Beef Farmers, feeding families across Southwestern Ontario.

Farm-to-Fork Beef

Family Farming

Dave and Angela Cammaert are not your average beef producers. They hold their products to the highest standards, knowing that their customers care about the quality and flavour of their meat. Understanding the importance of family and community, they are deeply rooted in the local county. They both work hard to provide their customers with the freshest possible product,  support the local economy and promote agriculture sustainability.

“We are a family run business that values the well-being of our animals and using sustainable farming practices in raising our beef.”  Dave and Angela Cammaert

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Grass,Grain-Fed Beef

Our cattle are Angus cross-bred cattle; we select from the best of our herd to butcher. Our cattle are raised in a stress-free, environmentally friendly manner using free-choice feeding. They enjoy a diet of homegrown hay, mixed grains, and minerals. We have modern open-style barn designed to, allow cattle freedom. Only the best of our grass,grain-fed beef ends up on your table.



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